Heat mirage shows the truth

Give me a few minutes of silence
A few to soak the skin tightening heat
Deep into my blood
Just a few minutes
Without the man made distraction

Give me empty roads
Eyes heavy
Deep bone fatigue

A few minutes to connect
To a world lost in the indoor comfort
In the indulgent cold of the AC

Just a few seconds
To feel the sear
And revel in the pain
The joy and exultation
Of a body realizing
It is alive

Child of the storm wakes to the dawn

I love rain.
Not that light rain, not that misty drizzle
That steady storm rain
The rain that lasts all day and all night
The bone deep rain
Seeping into the dried cracks in my soul
Bringing life back to pieces long dormant
That storm full of old friends
Of thundercrack
Of wind caressing the roof
That steady beat of drop upon drop
Sounds of nature that is like nowhere else
That desert storm
That soothe ache wonder
That place called home