A moment of silence please

Give me that fabled simpler time
Where I was yours
And you were mine
That picture painted with a false bottom
That overpaint of an overpaint
That lie we say so often it becomes truth

Give me that yesterday when all was harmony
When all people were united
When the feeling on your neck
Was the arm of a friend
And not the heavy boot of thuggery
That false remembrance which they say is possible
If only we’d be quiet
Be silent
Be closeted
Tell all the lies of the heart
They were forced to
It could be grand

Give me that hopeful tomorrow
Where retirement is real
Where lips pressed to mine
Where our world is not aflame
And the vocal few don’t drown out the cut tongue majority

Give me none of those things
All I want is a harsh truth
All I want is a plan with some spine
All I want is a chance

But I am not so naive
No longer trapped in what you conceive
Instead I cry
For all you know is the lie
And truth
No matter how sharp
Cannot cut you free
From the honeycomb cage
You call freedom

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