A step away

I would dance a thousand lives
Swallow a thousand lies
But I’ll never be with you

The river carves
While we while the time away
Hoping for healing voice
But finding our paths to tragedy

Sin in hopeful tone
Long buried beneath
Traverse travails
Perhaps,  a chance
I am lost in the echo

Of remembering

Shall I

Sing to you of dreams and lies
Told to the self
to make it all bearable

Or shift focus to the fragile truth
Spun sand
Held in stasis
Waiting for the softest puff of air

An edifice of fantasy and glass
Shattered foundation
Drifting towards the threshing
Of can’t have and dare not

Words cast out
Beyond caution
Always a step beyond sense
Daring you to
Match me step for step

Passion writ large beyond sanity
Beyond the wary shroud
Of past mistakes

Rushing towards you
With a sharp shout and
A whispered word