Hope’s remorseless steps

The weight of without
Breaks me with doubt
Forgotten inside
A light starts to die
Fading away
In remembrance

Body shifts and I shake
Hands start to quake
Oh, but the blade
Knows the truest is made
Quenched in the fires
Of yearning

This quiet alone
Knowing only roan
All I have loved
Stands the frozen dove

Caught between
With and without

Diary of a lodestone

I cannot break, so I’ll build
A home that’s shattered is no shelter
I find my scattered pieces on the road
And in your gaze know healing

What breaks is not mended
In facsimile of perfection
But instead
Is mended
By experience, by choice upended

Where hope instead you fended
And woke
Amidst this splendid
A voice that I’ll not leave


There is a bloom that grows
In shades and shallow groves
It smells of wildness and woes
But still it blooms
And still it grows

I’ve found this bloom on nights awander
Where minds do flit and emotions ponder
And sleeping now, I grow to wonder
Where it goes when all do slumber

Perhaps of self, it is agleam
Or bound in burrow, in silt of stream
It grows and bursts, along its seams
To reveal the goddess,
The goddess
of dream