Tongue tied and dog eared

Down on my luck
All out of fucks
Just want to be near
Not wonder at fear
But I’m lost in the muck
This dire deeds struck
Wanting solutions
When all you have are vacations
As if those few days
Can compensate for the daze
Of holding out hope
In this country of nope
Just watch it all crumble
Wishing I wasn’t lost in the rubble
We’re in all kinds of trouble
And what do we have but the rumble
A last chance to be free
Just wanted to be happy

Hope’s remorseless steps

The weight of without
Breaks me with doubt
Forgotten inside
A light starts to die
Fading away
In remembrance

Body shifts and I shake
Hands start to quake
Oh, but the blade
Knows the truest is made
Quenched in the fires
Of yearning

This quiet alone
Knowing only roan
All I have loved
Stands the frozen dove

Caught between
With and without