Wondering if only clashes against hearts plans

Simple aches in times ticking by
Heat without the flop sweat of humid air
Bone deep aches soothe away
Puzzle pieces trying to fit
Yearning for a trial run
For a chance to be happy
Shackled existence
Tethered to place
Instead of each other
Place becomes a clinging lover
Inducements to stay
Wishing for the better life
Better infrastructure
Support for all you are and need
So that one day
You will rest steady
Deep in my embrace

Green mold days

Place feels like a cancer
Festering in the nested green
Feeding off of it

Felt malignant and spiteful
A tea kettle hissing
About to boil over

A green rot
Pretty on the surface
Eroding the souls of all who live
Within its borders

It’s no wonder the weather is so wild
It’s trying to stamp out the slow fire