Poetry Month

Friday is the start of Poetry Month. I am pledged to 2 poems per day. It will be difficult made, wonderfully, more difficult by my general happiness.  Though I may have found my muse, so she will make it a little easier.

I look forward to writing them.  I hope you look forward to reading them.  If you like one then give it a like on the social media of your choice or on the site.  If you feel something when you read it, I invite you to comment. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you on Friday.

I want… (part 2)

To top you.
To take you.
To cum in your mouth.
To feel your heat wrapped wet and hot around my throbbing cock.
My mouth on your clit.
Your orgasm.
Your tongue.
To explore every inch of your body.
To fulfill your every desire.
To touch the small of your back and summon the shivers of remembered pleasure.

You, again and again.
To introduce you to the pleasures of the flesh. From first steps to masterwork.
Your words.
Your past.
Your worries and your dreams.
You for as long as you will have me.
To be your companion, your champion, your master.
All that you are.
You, spent and content, lying in the safety of my arms.

I want…

The soft gentle press of your lips
The touch of your hands
My hands through your hair
The gentle curve of your neck
The soft mound of your breast
The hairs on your arm shivering
the taste of you on my tongue
The smell of you lingering in my nostrils
Your moans
Your breathe catches
Your exhilaration
Your pleasure at my mercy
Your dirty mind
Your sweet dreams
Your desires fulfilled
Your hungers satisfied
Your screams of my name