Who we can be

We say “If there was any justice…” as a way of saying that there isn’t any.  And there isn’t.  The world is a vicious place without mercy or justice.  Because we invented those concepts, so any justice or mercy must be enacted by us. 

If you find the world to be unjust, then do all that you can to correct that.  As those that have husbanded the concept into being it is on us to act in its best interest. 

We cannot allow ourselves to give up agency to an uncaring world or condemn each other to live in that world.  We act. We are the predominant sentient specie. It is our responsibility to see justice, mercy, and honor flourish. 

I’ll admit, I’m not built for the task.  But none of us are. We can hide our eyes from truth or we can accept this. 

You don’t need to radically change your life.  Commit to helping one person each day.  Act with mercy, be justice in an unjust world, live a life of honor.  This is hard.  But do this a single time each day? You can do it, we all can.