Master is a dirty word.

I have never been a master of anything. And even of the people who have called me master, I was not a master. To be a master is to say that I am at the pinnacle of my abilities.  There is no higher that I can go that is not simply a reimagining of the thing in which you claim mastership of. And it’s total bullshit. Because the reality is that you are not the best at what you do. Not only is there someone better than you, there is also someone better than them. 

Think about that. Not only are you not the best, you’re not even second best. You are at best, third best. And that’s good. Really. It is. Because as third best you know that there is a place to go. You can’t sit on your ass content in the knowledge that you can learn nothing more, strive for nothing more. Instead you have more to learn. More to grow. And that is the greatest gift you can give.

Because as long as you can grow, you can change. And as long as you can change, you can overcome that seemingly insurmountable goal. Because you are not the best. Because if you were the best and you couldn’t do it, well then, it simply can’t be done.

But you are not, and it can.

So how do you get past it? How do you overcome it? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not by sitting on your ass waiting for it to present itself. Waiting for it to be.

You need to work towards that goal. Because while it may be coming slowly, if you are sitting on your ass when it presents, you will be in no state neccesary to take advantage of it. And it will pass you by. And with you on your ass, it will be all you can do to waive at it, as it speeds by.

But if you had been working towards it, you would have matched speeds and climbed aboard. Because you had done the work to get there.

You have to get up every day and do something to further your goal. You have to try to be ready to jump when it comes. And you have to not lose heart. Because 3rd place is not second loser, it is the place from which winners launch.

Keep working. Not towards mastery. Not towards some impossible goal. Define a goal. Write it down and follow through. Start small but do a little more until you are screaming from how much it is. Then do that for awhile, until it becomes easy. Then do more. We are only as limited as we allow ourselves to be. More is always possible.

If you get off your ass.

Who we can be

We say “If there was any justice…” as a way of saying that there isn’t any.  And there isn’t.  The world is a vicious place without mercy or justice.  Because we invented those concepts, so any justice or mercy must be enacted by us. 

If you find the world to be unjust, then do all that you can to correct that.  As those that have husbanded the concept into being it is on us to act in its best interest. 

We cannot allow ourselves to give up agency to an uncaring world or condemn each other to live in that world.  We act. We are the predominant sentient specie. It is our responsibility to see justice, mercy, and honor flourish. 

I’ll admit, I’m not built for the task.  But none of us are. We can hide our eyes from truth or we can accept this. 

You don’t need to radically change your life.  Commit to helping one person each day.  Act with mercy, be justice in an unjust world, live a life of honor.  This is hard.  But do this a single time each day? You can do it, we all can.


Do not pay council to your fantasies.
Those honey drenched daydreams whispering their sweet lies. Candy coated what ifs that elevate your grey mundane and ordinary existence to technicolor. They drip like venom in the ear. Poisoning the joy of what is with what may be. Turn tangible success into ashes made bitter.

The person who said they’re not interested? They’re not interested. The scenario where you get back at your boss? Not gonna happen.

Let go your day by day fantasies. Fill those moments of false flag emotions with someone or something real. Or let it all drift away.

But whatever you do, Do not pay council to your fantasies. They are just as destructive as your fears.