Fight or flight: why not do both?

Center of attention
Panic floats under
Carrier waves of information
Completely in control
One on one
Get into a group in the same context
Adrenaline rush
Then inevitable crash down to headache
Not every Sir is a extrovert
We focus on you completely
Because to focus on us
Is too completely hard

Cerulean shift


Sift through wreckage
Burnt glass
Smoking blood
Fire exposes

Found in huddled
Lost but found but wanting
Lifted up
Soaring in flight

Crashed down to ungentle earth
Splayed pieces
Cannot stand
But at least the fire is out

Or truth its moved inward
Igniting desire
Pouring out from fingertips
From tongue
From eyes

Warm yourself but
Always pull away
Afraid of burning up

Kindle instead and ignite
Burst glory
Or lost

In delirium
In seconds between flight
And the fading
The sound of breaking glass