The ache of feet masks the pain of desire

Words fail and falter
When alls said and done
Silence stretches out
Unwanted attenuation
Devour more and more
Each step towards home
Narrows the possible futures
Collapsed waveform
Looking for that one more moment
One more perfection
One more leap made
From the nebulous possible
To the simple completeness
Tired mind
Sifting through
One more word
Framework for a future?

5 thoughts on “The ache of feet masks the pain of desire

    • Pelgris October 1, 2019 / 11:16 am

      Poetry is the medium by which I explore my feelings. Often it is an expression of what I’m feeling but sometimes it’s confusion. And in that case, it is best to end on a question, so that when one walks away, one is left with the reverberation of the whole poem, bound into a question, going forward into your day

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