Minutes, wind and wistful

Heat slips into veins
Heart beating in time with the trickle pulse
Of desulatory wind
Welcome arms as old lovers
Embrace to catch the sun

Light shivers and moans
Bare skin burn
Thrust hopeful into embrace of day

Foreknowledge speaks the coming night
Tears break ranks
Falling to the thirsty earth

Moon and stars rise
High waters drown the light
And I
Bereft of touch

Struggle to wake

Summer morning into mourning
In twisting and yearning
Struggle to present the smallest of faces
To keep from knocking on your door
Your passionless castle
A cane to my back
As I hopelessly fall
I scrabble against high walls
Clinging in hope
This shadow is burning
Soon there’ll be no place to hide
Only yearning but falling apart