I am…

I am the darkness that follows the light
The Night that swallows the day
The profane whisper that drinks down sacred exhalation

I am the shadow that extends its hand
The crack of the whip that brings pleasure
The trailing fire that wakes the timid

I am the sound scritching against your window
The terror that burrows deep
The truth at the heart of your fears

I am the step that takes you deeper
The rushing wind that heralds the fall
The snap of wings, caught air before crash

I am the winter that murders the sun
The frost that quiets the fire
The fade that swallows the world

And still…

I am not the evil that you are.

A year passes

The waters are stilling now. ripples from her dropping into the lake of me with the violent Splash Kerthunk of a boulder. Drifting to the bottom stirring the settled depths. Amidst turmoil and change, to be back round again. In the same place, lamenting choices taken and not. She stirred me up then gone like ghost. A memory only. The possible writ large. Crumbling in the quiet. Then a love so mental it consumed my mind, a key given to one who chose to not open the lock. A series of missteps, then a physical fire consumed and consuming. Extinguished before it could flame out. Then a mistake. Harsh lessons, and I settle in for Winter. The banshee wind howls outside my fireplace warmed room. The first snows are falling. And all my searching comes round to this empty.