Brain gone twisty

I will sometimes fumble a situation pretty badly and I can’t help myself and I’ll try to right the ship until I realize that I’m doing more damage than good. But that urge to keep going back and trying to fix it.

Even in those instances where it’s just my screwy brain giving me mixed signals. Because I think logically but guided by emotion. It’s a pretty delicate balance and when something goes twisty you’ll see an emotional shotgun post. But when the twisty involves someone I care for, In this case the goddess of my heart, it looks like uncertainty and chaos. With corrections and communications until I see what’s happening and apologize and back away. I don’t know what that looks like from her side. I hope its not too off-putting.

It is a two sided coin though. I can see when it’s happening with others and be their support until they are out of the woods.
I guess I just needed to talk it out. Thanks for reading.