Nightmares are also dreams Part 38

“Sir, Please pick for me.” She says.

And I, who was so carried away by the fantasy of watching these men, pause. These men not of her choosing. She looks at me calm veneer covering fright and I know that this fantasy is too far.

That if we were to make it happen something in us might break and while we would weather the storm, we would always be altered.

I’ve been watching the desecration of the videos that we have gathered from the Circle. Identifying peripheral members if our community, but at the same time…
Those images were seeping into me. And I allowed them to progress this far. It awakened in me a fantasy to watch my wife be taken by these men. Not as a cuckold but at my direction, at my behest.

And I see her now, in her submission, filled with fear and excitement. And I know she would dive into this scene but….it is my equal responsibility to call red when things have gone too far. And that is what I’ve done. Perhaps if we had selected and courted these men this would be different. Perhaps if we were at a sex club and not our home that would change the temper. But here and now, I can’t. At the core, I must safeguard those that are mine. Even if the person I must make them safe from is myself.

I point to two if the well muscled men and dismiss them with a wave of my hand. The third is the one that I wanted for myself. The one who smiles at me shyly from behind brown bangs and soft lips.

I stride across the living room, sliding my hand across his hip. Pulling him too me, the hard length of him pressing into my thigh. I press my lips to his. Seeking entrance with my tongue into him. The first penetration of his body. The first yielding of him to my will.

I break off our kiss by turn my head, his breathe heavy and warm against my cheek. I look at my Sara, her eyes alight with lust, and say, “I just thought of a third option.”

Thoughts on BDSM and writing

A BDSM scene is a thing talked about by all parties. I will ask what you want out of the scene. What you absolutely will not do(hard limits). What you may want to do but are afraid of (soft limits). What you do want.

I will state my intentions for the scene. We will agree on restraints if any. What toys are off the table. What the timetable will be. If marks are allowed. If pain is desired. Nothing is left to chance.
We will go over the safe words. We will make sure that we know where any medicine or other paraphernalia is. Asthma inhalers and such.

24/7 is different from a scene. 24/7 is what is depicted in my stories. It means a integration of normal life. And scene. One moment we’re paying bills and the next you are pushed up against a wall being eaten out, begging for permission to orgasm.

But it’s the same in the way that every facet is discussed beforehand. And after there is a discussion of what worked, what didn’t, what do we want more of. There is cuddling and holding. Treating of any hurts. Aftercare.

I view BDSM as being 100% present. In the moment! Seeing us both for who we are and our desires both.

Scene play is all about the physical and mental pleasure.

24/7 incorporates the emotional which makes the rest work.

I request comments. If you prefer, I demand them.

BDSM is as varied as the participants involved. To see it as all one thing would be a mistake.