Even the sun burns on fuel

I see alot of articles and media which reference the last first kiss. Last person you’ll ever sleep with. Last person you’ll wake up next to.
And that shit is all wrong.

Every kiss is a first kiss. Every person you wake next to is a different person. Every person you fall asleep cuddled with is a different petson.

This thought that your partner will stop growing and changing is utter nonsense. And expecting them to be flash frozen in amber is detrimental to a long term relationship.

And the simplest way to keep the magic alive is to keep persuing them as if each change is a new person. That each day is another day to fall in love.

Because long term relationships are about choosing every day. And taking that for granted is the quickest way to lose them.

It’s a lazy click baity idea. And it needs to die.

2 thoughts on “Even the sun burns on fuel

  1. naughty nora March 16, 2022 / 2:30 pm

    YES! I couldn’t agree more, Pelgris. Being with the same person, day after day…is a choice. And you can choose to let that connection go stagnant or you can work hard to keep it alive and vibrant. Great reminder!!! XOXO

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