Maybe this is just me

I have in the past, said “I care deeply for you.” I said it meaning that I felt love. That I was in love. But I think it conveys the wrong message. I think it says that I feel something deep and strong and enduring, but I don’t know what it is and can’t put it into words.

And for me, it’s just not true.

For me, it’s cowardice. I said it because I was afraid of the answer. Afraid it was too soon, afraid of the potential rejection, afraid of what it meant if I said it.

For me, that phrase is a dodge. It is me hiding from the truth. And it’s painful and it leaves things unsaid that should be said. Should be known.

So now, the only time I will use it is as a part of this phrase: “I care deeply for you, you are amazing and lovely and I love you.”

Thought I’d share what I was thinking about.
Note: Not directed at anyone, it just got me thinking.