Beyond the edges, in filigree

I’ve waited in the dark
Eyes strained
Sleep deprived and wired
Sipping coffee
Waiting for
Something to bring out light
Waited so long
That light itself was foreign
That people could live in that place and not know its inevitable destruction
That the bright light was just the soft underbelly of the darkness
Darkness to make you strong
To feast on pain
To become inured to it
To seek it out
To wake
And in a moment of clarity
A moment of breathe which came so rarely
Its presence was pleasure itself
Realize that waiting is giving up
And drag yourself up out of the darkness to live as an alien in the bright world
Because you’ve been changed
Because you can’t see the simple without looking for its opposite
Because you are infused in darkness and whatever you think and do is just a step away from
That place
That cavern
That prison
You once called shelter

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