Poem by the day-February Raw

Day 2
Blood soaked
Day 3
Dreary memories stained
Day 4
Tear soaked carpet, moaning
Day 5
Pressure a thin reminder of
Day 6
Rain soaked shirts clinging to skin
Day 7
Hiding tears amidst storm, losing each other
Day 8
Cold soaked bones, touch me, I am drowning
Day 9
A foot away, a lifetime, choices I cannot make
Day 10
That was then and now, alone, dealing with the aftermath
Day 11
Purpose to sever, in cease, in ruin, to swallow the sun
Day 12
Though twilight break and souls damaged by the dreaming, dissolve into dust
Day 13
This blood drips from metal blade, drunk down by ground thirsty for life
Day 14
Sipping, the stream cool water against the back of my throat, pain leeches away
Day 15
Replaced by floating in the static emptiness, consumed morsel by morsel until I am empty
Day 16
Slinking towards the dawn cold, seeping into bones made brittle, etched by the passage of seconds
Day 17
Voice pulled out to shout in glorious triumph, lost amidst the grinding gears, winding down to infinity
Day 18
You murmured and snuggled against me, a rare and precious moment of vulnerability, mine, yours, together, a dream?
Day 19
Lost in the drift, slit open blood spills out, please, it’s much simpler than this slow leak of sand
Day 20
As hours and days pass without your words, your voice, despair insinuates in dulcet tones, “who would ever want you?”
Day 21
Yet on waking effervescence weaves its way through, the darkness but a shadow of approaching future, small translation errors in perception
Day 22
Faltering thoughts connect to every desire, promises realized and hopes cede ground to reality until eyes burst, waking, my brain, the liar
Day 23
A black sun swells on the horizon bringing heat, false darkness swallows everything, lost, unforgiving, paths and doors disappear, trapped bereft of choice
Day 24
Cold filters past defenses, only the warmth of you is sufficient to stave off the numbness, the thought of us, locked in deep embrace,
Day 25
Followed step by step into desired future, or time and universe make mock, all slipping from our grasp, before eyes lock, before beginning removes doubt
Day 26
Or cast aside concern and dance madness in reverie, spilling minutes sing our joy to a moon hung heavy with ecstasy breathed in through each pore
Day 27
A journey made present in blood and flesh, give me your hand, I’ll give you my heart, moving into the dawn or dusk, only us together matters,
Day 28
Distance or times illusion, dream us awake, more than a find, a fit, last remnants of darkness fading in the unrelenting light of a single deep blue eye

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