Fresh squeezed heart, Now with more pulp

Its never enough. People either love you or they don’t and no matter how much you love them, how much you need to be the person to hold them, how much you want to protect them or keep them safe, it is never enough to change their minds. You could be amazing, intelligent, honorable and trustworthy. You could be learned and skilled in areas both carnal and not. And it still doesn’t matter. At the end of the night, they wave goodbye and walk into the arms of another. Or stand at such distance that, like an Escher painting, you never get closer.

9 thoughts on “Fresh squeezed heart, Now with more pulp

    • That seems a cold way to live. The only way for me to not feel that it wasn’t at least a bit personal would be if I wasn’t connected, wasn’t in a relationship, wasn’t in love. And if I wasn’t then, yeah I might not feel messed up about it. If I didn’t have abandonment issues already.

      Or maybe I just dislike the word never. And I’m overreacting.

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      • It’s a way to find peace of mind…not meant to be cold, but self-loving. Realize that everyone lives in their own dream…with their own expectations…which you may or may not meet. And that’s okay. The person who is meant for YOU will find you, but not if you are caught up in trying to hold on to the wrong person.


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