Making too much of this?

If I say something complimentary, I’m not being sweet or nice. I’m being honest.

If I do something, usually I expect nothing in return unless it is part of a exchange. Again, that isn’t me being nice or sweet. That is me acting as my internal honor and rules dictate.

I can be generous and kind to those I care for, but nice or sweet? That’s not me. Am I wrong? Is that what society sees as sweet or nice?

Ask anyone who knows me, nice and sweet are not words they would use to describe me. It may seem I am making too much of this. But I won’t be dishonest. Even by allowing a misconception.

Again, that’s not me being nice either. That is me adhering to my honor code.

7 thoughts on “Making too much of this?

  1. When I say someone is being sweet- for me more specifically it means I think they are being nice to me. you are nice whether you realize it or not. That doesn’t mean you are always nice, it’s definitely not an insult, and I honestly never expect anything from anyone ever. If your mean all of a sudden that that’s whatever. But since I have known you, you have been nice to me.I am a very honest person as well, I don’t sugar coat shit and I don’t say things I don’t mean

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    • This wasn’t about you. The word sweet has always meant kind, foolish and naive to me. That’s the context it’s been used by others in reference to me, and it’s wildly inaccurate. I took your meaning well from our prior conversation. I am working on changing my perspective on the word. I appreciate your fire though.

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