Is this selfish?

I have become agitated, chafing at the restrictions of my world. The knowledge that you are out there and not in my arms. That I won’t feel your lips at the end of my day. That we won’t be going for a walk. That we won’t dance to a tune we hum. And all the other things we’ve talked of. It’s hard, it’s difficult but I’m starting to see that without your voice, your smile, the touch of your hands each day. Each day will get harder. I need you in my life, all the way in, right to the heart of me.

5 thoughts on “Is this selfish?

  1. Is love selfish? No. Love is a giving of oneself, an adoration of another’s unique qualities, a desire to sacrifice for their happiness, love is selfless. Need can be selfish, if it is inwardly focused and ignores the needs of the object of affection. But even the expression of need, within the realities of circumstance can be a loving act. It is a worship. An admission of vulnerability. An expression of openness and honesty.

    Where does the question arise? That is my curiosity. I see adoration, reverence, appreciation, yearning, desire and authentic vulnerable communication, not selfishness. 🙂

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      • It’s never selfish to express how you truly feel. Whether or not you are able to actualize those desires is as yet unknown, it sounds like, but, the admission of your feelings and honest communication about them is honorable, not selfish. You can not be given what you do not ask for. You can not create together what you do not know you are working toward. If the object of your desire is deserving of your respect and affection, she will cherish your supplication and craving as the lovely gift that it is. I think, if you have chosen wisely, and I have no reason to think that you would do otherwise, I say fear not. 😉

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