A slow intake of breathe

I shall be a lie amidst truth
A heart too full for wanting
A silence too kind and twisting

Harsh breathe slipping in
Awake in the fullness
Filled with bursting
Tensions breaking
Not an ease but the wrecking
Pulled tight past bearing

Quiescent heart you were my reaping
My need a cold wind against burned skin
A balm and pain on pleasures raging edge.

Confusion all dressed up

I don’t know what it is
Why can I not stop thinking
Why do words written or spoken make me want to press the sound to my mouth. To taste them like gourmet chocolate.
don’t even need to hear
just want to be near
warmth sits next to me
want to hold
wish I had a coat to offer.
don’t know what this is
don’t know
don’t want to scare
don’t want to press
should but I don’t want to hold back
if the moment arrives.
don’t want to dissapoint
one sided?
screwed up before
second chance
weathered storms before but almost destroyed me.
cannot keep myself from walking along the ledge.
know the rocks are jagged
much more likely to crash down on them than fly