I should put this as my dating profile

I’m oblivious to small talk. To flirtation that is other than for fun only. Unless I’m the one to initiate, in which case I’m like the Eye of Sauron. All baleful and single minded, but still unable to pick up on clues unless I’m hit over the head with it. Kissing me is the best indicator of your interest.

What Neil Gaiman says is true of authors of all stripes. We are so far inside our own heads you really need to hit us to get our attention. For most that would be figurative, but I have strong masochistic tendencies so a kiss with you using your nails to drive the point home and you’ll have my attention. *He said with a feral grin*

Or you could just tell me point blank you’re interested. And what level that interest is. But if you think your throwing blatant signals, oh I’ll see them, but I’m likely to completely misinterpret them. As anyone who reads my thoughts here can attest to.

All gender identities are welcome. If you are into goth, emotional, poetical, romantical, logical, magical cismales. Then drop me a line. I guarantee I will over analyze whatever is said unless you tell me what you mean, want, and don’t want. *sardonic lopsided smile*