Wide awake at 5am

I’m an adult. At least that’s what they tell me. But I still use terms like ‘making out’. I still like ending a date with a long session of kissing in the car.

I like the illicitness of it. The chance we’ll be caught. I like feeling like we’re both a part of the world and in our own little cocoon at the same time.

Still, making out. It sounds like something teenagers do. At the very oldest college sophomores.

But what else am I to say? Waxing poetic confuses most people. So saying that I want to delight in your eyes and tongue. Its not exactly shorthand is it. Nor something you can say without someone blushing or looking away embarrassed.

Just the passing thought of an insomniac, I suppose

3 thoughts on “Wide awake at 5am

    • Pelgris December 13, 2021 / 12:27 pm

      Lol, me too. I don’t get the idea that we have to be grown-up about things. Especially good things

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