To be a blade

I’m a book nerd and I have an admitted love for a turn of phrase.

One of the phrases that always makes me happy is “the old pacts will be honored”

It always gives me a thrill that the old ways will be honored. That the compacts made in the early days will still be in force and that others hold their word sacrosanct.

I hold within myself several such compacts. Oaths sworn that I will not break. And to see that reflected in fiction gives me a thrill.

Like the first time I saw a pansexual person(David Rose) on television, seeing myself on screen.

Though, in the case of a former, I do wish I saw the same amongst reality.

It makes me feel a bit isolated and alone that this is not the case. And I know that there are honest people.

But that’s not the same. Holding yourself to a high standard, never breaking your word. That’s a rarity bordering on the mythic, in my experience.

So I love when I see it in fiction, though my mind turns and, always with a wistful sadness, sees the world.

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