Desolving dissolution

Time gets away from me more often these days
These vague thoughts lead to vague deeds
Which, inevitably, lead to a failure of the spirit
It’s far to easy to be kind
To allow things to slip
To let them keep slipping
Until, at last, what you are left with is a series of broken promises
Indeed, that must be how it starts

The failure of of one small corner ideal
Becomes the compromise which opens the door to the next
Until you have sacrificed everything you are
Everything you purport to believe in
For the sake of the comfort
The convenience of settling

It not a failure of faith
You whisper
It’s not a betrayal of your core
It’s just a bit easier
And don’t you deserve a little easy in these broken times…

I wish I could say that I haven’t done this but we all know that I have. However, when a compromise becomes a apology, and the apology leads to nothing
It is then that you know that you have broken promises
The most important ones
The promises made you your self
The ones you swore to adhere to
The ones that make you who you choose to be

Let these small warnings serve
And turn away from the easy
Destruction of self is never worth the price
Even when the doing
Feels so good

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