Outdistance the possibility of good

That simple smile holds back despair
That cold drink saying everything is a lie
Not even a lie
Told to be kind
But instead masks the malice of never wanted
Smiling faces
Facade drip blood
Broken branches
Nothing of the me that was remains
Only memories which fade and die
Losing coherence until only a dull ache
Remains to make eyes see
Nothing works
Not even love
And only the steep slide into oblivion
That slow churning slip into disappearance
Presents as solution

One thought on “Outdistance the possibility of good

  1. LeeSoyer October 14, 2019 / 8:46 am

    Memories do not die easily
    unless there are no feelings
    you think nothing is working
    you are down and bleeding.

    Everything seems to be a lie
    and you don’t want to hear it
    it seems to be good advice
    the one that says just bear it.

    I know this one doesn’t work
    may think you’re on your own
    fighting against this darkness
    there’s light & you’re not alone.


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