What the fuck

Wake up
Head spinning
World shaking, quaking
Nausea building
Spun out of bed
Vision keeps going like a top
Fear and panic broach surface
Deep breath deep breath deep breath
Slow down heart rate
Still spinning
Thrust to feet
Pulls down and to the left
Like gravity is acting on one side only
Take a step, never one to let to let the physical dictate action
Grab water and drink
Feel warmth slide down
Water lost its snap
Bled coolness into the night
Take another step to the hall
Holding doorway
Fingers against walls
Everything is spinning
Why why why
Force eyes open, closed from fear
The spin slows but forces its way inside
Relief in the cool washroom but have to make it back
One step two
Throwing myself to bed
Right side makes it worse
Left side better
Sleep, hoping
This will pass

2 thoughts on “What the fuck

    • Pelgris April 7, 2018 / 2:31 pm

      😁, are you sure you aren’t George Takei in disguise, cause I’m cool with that
      But really, thank you!


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