Time dilation never works the way you want it to

When does a week feel like an eternity? I honestly thought it had been at least two weeks, but I checked the calendar and just one. I’m floored. It feels like so much longer. Like years, like decades. I miss you every day. Sometimes every hour. I miss the sure knowledge that I’d dreamwalk to you and we’d sleep together in our dreams and both our days would be better for it. I miss you telling me that you woke refreshed and happy and I felt like I was apart of that because I’d felt you in my arms. Though usually you got hot and pushed me away and I would say “you can hold me if you want to”. So we’d switch places and sleep the rest of the night.

One week! Feels impossible that so little time has passed. And really, I don’t think I’ll  ever be ready to watch you go. I accept it because I have no choice but it is never a decision I would make on my own. 

I thought it would be easier though. I was very wrong. 

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