Rant on consent and disrespect

I hate that men don’t defend women anymore. That when some asshole says something or does something, even right in front of them, they chuckle along or are, at best, silent. Silence is condonment, jackass.

Not around me. And this isn’t some “I’m a nice guy” rant. I can be a bastard. It’s just this. If you are my friend or my family or my lover, I will protect you. And if someone’s behavior speaks of nonconsent then, I’m a nightmare. It’s a line that those around me are not allowed to cross. By my direct intervention if necessary.

But lesser offenses too. For instance, I was talking to a friend of mine and this jackass who works for her makes the swirling finger, your crazy gesture in reference to my friend. He was smiling like he thought it was the best joke in the world.

I stopped talking to my friend, turned to him and said, “If you ever make that gesture to my friend again I will snap it off and feed it to you.”

His expression went from all smiles to cowering that quickly. Like I had kicked his dog. But he never did it again. She had told him to stop doing things like that and it never stuck. Because he didn’t respect her.
But he feared me, and rightly so.

Would I prefer that when a person is demeaned or insulted or predatory behavior occurs and they try to put a stop to it, that the behavior stops? Yes, absolutely.
But if it doesn’t, then say something. It’s not bro’s being bro’s. It’s not fucking acceptable. And it is in no way the victims fault that you are acting like a asshat.

So yeah, I’ll defend women or the vulnerable. I’ll back your play if you want to act instead. If you say you have it, then ok. But I’m still here.

2 thoughts on “Rant on consent and disrespect

  1. Sir's nijntje January 11, 2017 / 3:58 pm

    And it’s not just men – I hate when women don’t defend men …. perhaps not in the same physical sense but too many women are okay with listening to others put down their own spouses when the truth is the man did nothing wrong …. I say speak up and say so.
    My man likes to escort me to places and I always ask first before I plan, He’s not a controlling jerk, He cares …. and I like it that way. So when someone makes a derogatory comment I don’t nod and smile, I say ‘Yes He takes care of me, just as He should!”
    Chivalry shouldn’t be forgotten and neither should appreciation for those who seek to care for you …
    Nice post 🙂

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