I feel I need to ask this question. Anybody can answer and I hope that you do.

How is treating someone with care and compassion, “too sweet”? Specifically the phrase was, “you are too sweet to me”.

I don’t get it. I wasn’t doing anything I would not do for any friend. Maybe I was being a bit romantic about it but not overly so.

Maybe some context?
She had a migraine. She is/was dealing with stress from another serious issue.
She has said she feels safe in my arms.

So, unable to really do anything other than be there for her, I said, “all I can think to do is hold you and let you know that you are safe in my arms.” This isn’t anything extraordinary. That’s just me being, well, me.

So why is that “too sweet to me”?

One thought on “Question

  1. Hidden Coming Out October 21, 2016 / 10:30 am

    I think treating someone with care and compassion is wonderful and it shows you have a kind heart.

    Perhaps the person you shared your care and compassion with isn’t used to receiving such unconditional love. Perhaps they may feel they don’t deserve it, and if that’s the case, perhaps it’s connected with low self-esteem or low self-worth. If there are health issues going on (and I can speak to this with my own experience), there may be a sense of feeling like a burden to others (even though they very well may not be!).

    You had mentioned above that you told them “this isn’t anything extraordinary” in regards to you holding space for them and holding them in your arms, wanting them to feel safe. I’m here to tell you, that IS extraordinary. In a world that can be harsh and cruel and insensitive, to show your unconditional love, care, and compassion to someone is a beautiful and rare thing. I think by that person telling you that you are too sweet, they may be sharing their appreciation for what you’re doing, and your actions speak volumes about your character and who you are.

    It made me smile to read that you shared such care and love for that person. And it just reinforces that the simple act of just being who we are and wanting to care for someone, is extraordinary.

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