Quote of the Day Challenge: Day 1

Alicyana  Challenged me to The Quote of the day challenge, where in a quote is selected each day for 3 days.

You can do Up to 3 per day but I’m going with 1 each day.  I’m not much of one for quotes that I have memorized beyond a bare handful.

Quote 1:

Suffering breeds strength from weakness, it heralds new birth, it guides all beings through life.
The dead soar to oblivion on black wings of anguish, and even pleasure springs from the same well of agony. To shun pain is to lie still-born forever
—Troy Denning


This is where I nominate 3 Bloggers.  Here instead I believe I will open it up to any Blogger that wishes to do this.  You have been prompted.  Sometimes that’s all it takes.


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