Being stupid (maybe)

I think I read too much into a like or a comment. I read what is written and fall a bit in love with their words. I read their work and see an amazing person through their words. As a active writer and poet it is a real problem. Is what I am seeing real, is the pattern one with greater meaning? Or am I seeing things because I want to see them? I’ve gotten burned twice. One I walked into with eyes wide open knowing it would never work but wanting it more than sense.

The other I thought was real. Was something that might be something we were both looking for. The world stepped in, circumstances built and it ended, badly for me. I have no idea how she felt about it. Since, she walked away, blocked me out, seemingly without a second thought.

Now, I’m back in it. Seeing things that, maybe, aren’t true. But wanting it, and sort of dreading it at the same time. I have a bad track record.

2 thoughts on “Being stupid (maybe)

  1. thesarahdoughty October 3, 2016 / 1:53 pm

    It happens. As writers we tend to romanticize things and think about those what ifs. Sometimes, as was the case with my high school sweetheart (now husband), they turn out to be right. You just have to have faith that one day you’ll find it. 😊

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    • Pelgris October 3, 2016 / 2:48 pm

      Whoever is unavailable or is most likely to rip me apart is the person I’m most likely to fall for. Morgan is not representative of the subset, she picked me up.

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