How it should be

I want pull you up, heedless who watches
standing so close to you
my hot breathe against the pulse of heartsblood
small kisses trailing across the soft curve of neck
hands holding you close to me
body heat nearly unbearable
the scent of desire spilling from us
look deep into your eyes grown large with surprise
you are mine. mine.
take your kiss as my rightful plunder
your tongue against mine
fast and rough
gliding and pressing
the floodgates of passion denied
press you down
removing your clothes
hands exploring every inch of you
soft kisses and bites on every exposed bit of you
Mine. mine.
holding your eyes
looking up
exposing your secret
your scent
tightening me
throbbing ache filled with tumultuous need to taste the storm of you
my lips against your pussy
mine, mine
taste of you dripping in my tongue
fingers stroking inside of you
kisses trailing up to your shuddering breast
fingers slick and pulsing in and out
thumb circling the soft nub of clit
licking your nipples
eyes holding you
bite down
marking you
mine, mine
bodies pressed so close
I take your mouth, lips pressed in with wild unbridled need
there is nought but you
you are my world
and we have just begun

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