Thoughts on rules and love

A friend of mine asked if being ghosted was a betrayal. She was trying to put it in perspective. And, I think, to give me an out. However, it was not betrayal. It was just sad. And my rules aren’t meant to make my life easier. They are meant to force me down ways I would not normally travel. Put another way, I serve them. They do not serve me. My rules are harsh like navigating a path filled with thorns all sharp and pointed inward. Their purpose is to mold me into the things I want for myself. If the easy path, the easy answer didn’t always beckon.

I mention this to highlight one of my rules.

Wherever love is possible, it must be allowed to flourish.

This is a rule built on the back of my rule to not betray. And my rule that you serve something other than yourself. It’s a sub rule blending aspects of both primary rules.

Where I see love possible, I will open my heart to it. Even if it destroys me in this life.
If a relationship fades but love still exists and that relationship did not fail for breach of a primary rule and should I not be committed to another, I will open my heart and welcome my love back. We will try again.

I know it seems foolish. And possibly dangerous, but judicious application of the other rules make it far less so.

I believe love is worth the risk. Worth the cost.

My rules enforce that belief.
I say rules but mean code. A person needs a code. A ruleset that can be lived by a mortal and which serves to elevate them.

Just some thoughts on the subject

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