What poetry is

There is a certain amount of yearning and wanting that goes into poetry. In my case it’s generally about wanting love or touch or sharing moments in time with someone I love or am touching.

Even poems about the wind softly blowing in the breeze have a wistful melancholy that wants for nothing more than a hand to hold or lips to kiss. It’s that deep striving for a path to the beginning. Stories are different, stories are about building world’s and believable prose, trying to get the reader to the place that their suspension of disbelief kicks in and they become transported.

Poetry is about exposing the innermost workings of your heart, of your soul. Exposing everything you are including your fears and needs and desires and sorrows, exposing it all to connect for that fleeting moment with another person. That moment when they see you and recognize themselves and in doing so are a little freer, a little better for knowing that they are not alone. Or at least that’s the hope.

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