Thinking about Vegas

So, I play roleplaying games. Yes, I know that makes me super nerdy. So what. Go be more than 1 thing, theres still time. So Roleplaying games, Tabletop mainly. Think method acting not Gary Gygax if you get that reference.
A long time ago I ran a VtM(Vampire the Masquerade) game. Set in Vegas. It was a Chronicle I had run 1 time with a group over the course of a year and I liked it so much I started it with another group.  This time I incorporated music into the chronicle.  Specifically the primogens, The leaders of each faction, would have somewhere in the background these songs playing and they gave hints as to what each of these individuals represented and how they saw themselves. If players paid attention they could get vital clues.  This is the play list and the Leaders/characters

1. Me-Malkavian Prince of the City-Regret-Assemblage 23
2. He-CoPrimogen Malkavian-Watching Me fall The cure
/She-Co-Primogens of the Malkavian Faction-there is no if…-The cure
3. Abay-Gangrel physical Child-Ghoul-Bloodline Slayer
4. Aoibheann-Tremere Ghoul- I Put a spell on you-marilyn Manson
5. Aranhod-Gangrel Primogen-The wolf hunt-David Arkenstone
6. Cyrus-Brujah Primogen-I’m Serious-Clipse
7. The City Itself(Las vegas)- Sin City(KMFDM Remix)-Genitorturers
8. Maria-Toreador Ghoul-current lover of Toreador Primogen-Transylvanian Concubine-Rasputina
9. Martin-Toreador Ghoul-Jilted Lover of Toreador Primogen-Everywhere-Michelle Branch
10. Balthazar Caine-Nosferatu Primogen-Citizens’ Utilities-Northern lights
11. Jessica-Toreador Primogen-Sex -Berlin
12. Enjovi Nuwere-Ventrue Primogen-Hand that rocks the cradle-big stan
13. Ṣadr ad-Dīn Muḥammad Shīrāzī-Tremere Primogen-Miss Sheva-Dreams
14.  Michael Archelaus- Mage Representative – Ambassador to Me’s Court-LSG – Into Deep
15. Enkille Aziz-Sheriff-Assamite-Primogen of Minor clans-The Cruxshadows-Dragonfly   conjure one Remix

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