The roads we travel

An unbusy street side by side with a busy one forgotten. Its way sits unused; lined with shops that look out onto it but never use it.

Abandoned by its makers it sees the brother he was seperated from, wild and free. They zoom along his siblings wide lanes, raucous laughter and people spilling out onto his sidewalks.

His life whirs on stagnant day by day. Unnoticed and uncared for he waits. Waits to be useful, to be loved.

The girl skips down the hidden street in the rain. It’s not as fast or as well traveled as its brethren but it is quiet and she can see into the secret backs of the shops. The people in the secret shops down the hidden street watch over and wave to the girl. She loves this hidden street, so short but so full of life. It is the friend she never looked for. The love she’ll always cherish.

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