Music Review

I don’t have it in me to write a poem for today so instead here’s some music choices.


This is a good album and I’m happy I kickstartered it, through pledge music. Slightly less dark than their other albums, but if you like romantic goth then it’s good. Think HIM with less of Morissey vibe.

Requiem-their ouvre

I saw these guys at the William Control show(note: William Control is no longer supported by me, Edited 12/14/2019).  I am very impressed with their music.

The weepies

Some nice folk rock; slightly less sad than Daughter

Started listening to The Requiem Podcast; not to be confused with the band. I’ve been listening to DJ Count for years; Cemetery Confessions is a great step forward on his part.

And finally Straight Line Stitch, great band, very happy with their music.  Female vocalist is always a great addition to metal music.

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