Why 5

I’ve seen the darkest parts of humanity. I’ve watched civilizations drink their greatness down and burn themselves on the altar of their pride. But I’ve seen selflessness and generosity. Love. Everytime I give up on them, everytime I think they just aren’t worth it, they surprise me.

Why 5

Sometimes when a spirit comes through to our world it’s disoriented. It lashes out at whoever opened the way. This is not that. I don’t know what this is. I walk out to my car and get in.

If this were a decade ago, I would have called the police from a pay phone. As it is I’ll need to figure something else out. I can’t just leave her all alone in there. Her family deserves to know.

There is a restaurant near here. Restaurants tucked into neighborhoods, what’s old is new again. They specialize in crepes. Pretty delicious and they have a landline. I think it’s meant to be ironic. But it’ll do.

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