Why 3

Do you know why gods have priesthoods? It’s so that they can tell their followers the shape of the god. So that the god can maintain identity in a shifting mortal world. Without it, the god becomes shaped by the majority will of its followers. Which in turn twists the god from the shape they desires. It is symbiosis, and can be destructive both for the god and for the followers. Like a turbine spinning out of control.

Chapter 3

There is a central circle that has been destroyed. Whatever significance the individual sigils represented has been swept clear. The body of a young woman is closest to the circle and the others are either around the circle or it appears that they are running from it. Not that doing so did much good. Twelve children cut down, their blood marring the peaceful river bed. Flys have started on the bodies already. This part sucks.

I reach into their pockets. Ignoring the soft sqish, rigor having come and gone, I rifle through their ID. College students it looks like. Fine ASU students out for a little rub and tickle away from their roommates. I pocket the cash. Hey, they’ll never miss it. This gig doesn’t have health insurance and by the time this is through I think I may need whatever cushion I can get. Better than fixing a horse race, that shit always comes at a price. Even if it is just convincing the local criminals you’re not cutting in on their action.

There is a trail of blood leading away. Spatters every few feet, leading up to where a car was parked. Someone walked away from this place.

Normally I’d do a little magic and track this thing down. But this well has sucked down all traces. Instead, I get to wait for the first body to show up.
I should never have answered my phone.

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