Chivalry vs Honor

I’ve just realized why people call me chivalrous. I’m a romantic. I see and talk about beauty. If someone I’m romantically interested in puts themselves down I assure them that this is not the case even if only to me.

If whomever I’m with is open to it, then I’ll write them poetry, open doors, insist that me paying is my honor. I’ll keep my word, if I give it. I’ll strive to be worthy of them as I hope they strive to be worthy of me.

It’s not chivalry, or if it is, it is the kind that comes from within. It is honor. Is honor so rare it cannot be recognized? Except as a fairy tale ideal? A person who is chivalrous is a shining ideal. I’m no one’s shiny ideal. Honor is a daily struggle in the blood and muck. Sometimes I fail. But I pick myself up and continue on. Chivalry is a fairytale. Honor is as real as you allow it to be.

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