Taking a pause from storytime

So I tell people that the Winter solstice is a time of mourning.  And since these people generally know that I’m a pagan and that I specifically worship a God of Winter, this puzzles them.  “Isn’t the Winter solstice the beginning of winter?” It is, that is correct. So why am I in mourning,  shouldn’t this be a time of joyous exaltation. Yes and no. At the summer solstice, it is the beginning of Summer, but it also signifies the time at which summer will be at it’s most powerful;  Winter will only gain power from there. So this time, where winter gains power and summer loses power is a time of joy,  at the autumnal equinox Summer and winter is in balance,  from here Winter will only gain more and more ascendance. From the Time of the Winter solstice, while winter is at it’s most powerful,  it’s power is bleeding away.  So Summer Solstice is a time of exaltation as winter gains ascendance in the world; And Winter solstice is a time of mourning,  For from there winter can only fade.

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