Do not read this if I was dating you… Shit you’re reading it aren’t you

So the previous two posts were obviously about someone. And a situation I horribly mishandled, but I’m actually relieved.

I hate Disneyland. Absolutely hate it. It perpetuates a false image of innocence on the backs of all of the Disney Princesses. Sleeping Beauty, original story, the “prince” rapes this 13 year old girl in a coma and she wakes up from giving birth. The other stories are all equally horrible.
Plus the Mussolini style rules and regulations for working there, creeps me out.

And yes, I went terribly overboard with the texting. I didn’t know what was happening and no offense to people who are cool with not hearing from someone for days, but that is nuts. And I did go a little crazy, shifty guy in the corner crazy. But no communication of any kind for the better part of a week, I’m gonna go a bit nuts.

Now if it were a call me at 2 am relationship, no contact for a week, whatever. Or a “I work 80 hour weeks and sometimes I just want to be spanked and held”, again no issue. But a actual emotional relationship, I feel it requires communication. Maybe that makes me old fashioned.
I don’t know. And I really don’t, too many of the first 2 varieties skews your sense of what works in other situations.
Back to my main point, I feel relieved. While I’m OK with pretty much anything and you can’t shock or make me uncomfortable, we should have some points where our passions meet up.

I guess I’m a Gomez and Morticia Adams type of person. I want something that passionate, and that strange and wonderful. So I’m just a man waiting for my Morticia, or my Gomez, or both. I’m open to it, as long as there’s love.

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