2:30 AM

There was a time when I slept on the right side of the bed.  Almost like I was subconsciously training to sleep in the same bed with a partner.  I can’t remember when I started sleeping in the middle of the bed. It seems significant now in the silence of two thirty am. A signpost to loneliness.  I wonder now, how much of me is my shell. What I’ve lost by being incapable of casual.  A brooding presence, slowly pulsing, a gravitic constant dragging those around me down. Too serious and too odd by turns.  A lifetime hiding my desires.  Poet, Tabletop gamer,  RPG gamer,  Scifi/fantasy reader, penguin lover,  Pansexual, Priest of an ancient and mostly forgotten religion, Speaker to gods, Scholar of societies, Empathic, BDSM switch, Cynical, Hopeful, Will worker, Intelligent, Arrogant and Lost. I am all these things and more and more and more…. 2:30 AM.

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