You know what…

Fuck it, I’m writing Torn Asunder week 4. Nobodies listening to it,  I think it gets 4 hits and one of those was the person that just ghosted me but hey,  I like the story. It’s embedded audio, sorry you have to go to the site and I recommend you listen to split sky 1.1 -Split sky 18 or you will likely be lost but still; I like it. I’ll write Pel and Sara next week, that is entirely too close to home for me to do it this week.

Survey results 

So with 2 votes it looks like the people have spoken and I will finish Pel and Sara.  However I will also be doing the next “book” of Split Sky called Torn Asunder. So on Monday, Wednesday, Friday will be Torn Asunder and on Sunday will be the installment of Pel and Sara.  If you want more Pel and Sara you can read the Prequel: Ballroom or purchase Home:A Pel and Sara Story on Amazon.