The brighter the light, the darker the shadow

I have a theory and to understand this theory you’ll need to understand the context. A prominent figure has 2 seperate pending felony cases. One is assault with sexual intent and the other is straight up rape. This same person an ethical and moralistic business person. Putting employees above self enrichment. Famously, they lowered their salary to 70k a year and raised/lowered everyone else’s in their company to the same level.
Across the board a good thing.
But also something this person hits on again and again in social media.

Now, doing good for others is great. But doing it, then using that good to keep yourself constantly in the news or limelight…it becomes clear that you had secondary motives.

So what’s the theory?

The theory is: The more public good you do publicly, the worse your private secrets are.

I see it over and over again. They think they can justify their actions by doing good elsewhere. All while doing evil in private.