White lies, Black lives

Noise drowns out rhetoric in the next room
Headphones cranked up
Drowning out voices repeating
Lies as revelation
Until the only truth is the lie

Closed doors and silent
Opinions asked anguish
Traps to pounce

They believe only facts which reinforce their hypocrisy
So no facts at all
Just profitable lies
Slung by earnest white faces
And fear cowering in a bunker
Plotting betrayal

Hurt looks when told harsh truths
How their hatred effects the relationships with those around them

Dams burst
Thugs in blue uniforms
Armed to the teeth
Seething with hatred
Told they have authority
And no repercussions
Demonstrate in real time

Cameras raised
Shouting to be heard
Nothing new
But now seen
Again and again

That old experiment
The worst humans aggregate to the place they can exert the most brutality
The best intentions stay silent
And the truest few quit rather than be a part
Rather than be complicit
In this river of blood
We can no longer unsee

Fear wakes the leviathan

When infection and rot eats the heart of a tree it must be cut down. When that tree is left to fester, it’s infection spreads until not one healthy tree is untainted. When this happens, do we let the trees poison and infect the land? Or do we burn it out?

Nature burns down forests to renew them.
Our nation has fostered rot at its heart for too long. Its time to burn it out.