My two cents

A man in a position of power, speaking before a large audience, makes a joke about the health problems of someone in the audience.

The audience awkwardly laughs. One in particular looks to their partner. Sees the pain in their face.

Faced with a choice, to allow this to continue. To allow this person on stage to continue. To allow this audience to participate in the humiliation and pain of his partner. Or to act.

And he chose to act.

Now people are second guessing and armchair quarterbacking and its disgusting.

He acted in defense of his partner. He acted when no one else would. He acted when any other response would have been met with derision.

The man on stage is a professional comedian. He should know that punching down is just cruelty not comedy.

But as a professional comedian, do you for a moment, think that there were words that could have been said that would have conveyed the same defense as the slap?

I’ll tell you what would have happened if words alone were used. Derision and comeback. The comedian would have heckled the heckler. Indeed, if he had only used speech, would Chris Rock have backed off? Because he almost didn’t WITH the physical force having been applied.

The slap was justified. And anyone that says that “2 wrongs don’t make a right” or that “violence is never the answer” needs to sit down and shut up.

Circumstances and impact dictate action. Violence is a tool. And it can be the right tool.

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